Dozing pumps


Dozing pumps for liquid detergents SMART – RH series

ОАО «JSC «Vyazma Machine-Building Plant» has started production of automatic washer-extractors «VEGA» series and «barrier» type machines with connection of dozing system of liquid detergents SMART-RH series produced by SEKO-Group (Italy).

SEKO-Group – is an international group of companies, that has been dealing with manufacturing dozing pumps for more than 30 years. The company supplies its products in more than 50 countries, actively using its wide network of distributors, authorized dealers and agents, among them is our plant.  

SEKO offers its latest developments for optimize the process of injection, dozing and liquids transferring used in laundries and washers of various brands. Designed specially for laundries, separate SMART-R dozing system with pumps is used for each washer. Quantity of pumps depends on a volume of used detergents (from 2 to 6). The operation management of pumps is directly from the controller of «VYAZMA» washer.

Washer-extractors produced by JSC «Vyazma Machine-Building Plant» complete with SEKO dozing system and liquid detergents of «Daruss» company allow to automatize process of washing, reduce a consumption of detergents, due to their accurate dozing and necessary concentration. Thus overall material costs on washing will be reduced



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