Soft-mounted washers


Washer-extractor LO-10

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  • Automatic control;
  • Smooth adjustable drive of cylinder;
  • High-speed extraction;
  • Softmount.

This model belongs to a range of high-speed washer-extractors with final extraction, which allows receiving clothes with 50% residual humidity after washing process. Thereby usage of a centrifugal hydro-extractor can be excluded from technological process. Another especial character of such machines is a spring independent suspension of the cylinder (softmount type). Rotation frequency regulation of driving asynchronous electromotors is used as a principally new method of drive control in LO machines. It allows to smoothly accelerate the cylinder up to extraction speed. As a result, pressure on design elements and foundation is reduced, vibration is decreased and machine becomes practically silent in operation. Automatic control system based on MSU-402 controller has a memory capacity up to 50 washing programmes, 10 of which are programed at plant and the rest ones can be set up by user of own choice. The controller is equipped by SD-card reader. The main details of machine construction, inner and outer cylinders, front panel are made of stainless steel, which prolong durability of construction.               

Recommended items:

New model line

Машины стирально-отжимные

  • Reduced weight and dimensions
  • Water and electric power efficient consumption
  • Frequency inverter in basic configuration
  • Increased extraction
  • Centrifugal hydro-extractor is not required
  • Low price

Computer control

Контроллер МСУ-402

  • Monochrome graphics display: Easy and visual control of machine
  • 50 freely customized programmes 
  • Temperature, time and other parameters indication during washing cycle
  • Work statistics of machine
  • Work error statistics
  • Testing and setting of main machine functions
  • Step-by-step programming
  • Recording, reading and saving programmes on external memory card
  • Complete with software for PC (laptop) for creating, editing and recording washing programmes on memory card  

Frequency-controlled drive 

Частотный преобразователь

  • Quantity of rotations at washing and at spinning can be freely programmed and smoothly adjusted 
  • Minimum noise level
  • Decrease of vibration and pressure
  • 23 different protective functions against faults  
  • Overload and overheat protection of electric motor
  • Steady operation while major change of voltage
  • Energy saving 


Item, unit measureLО-10           LO-10P
Nominal capacity, kg, not exceeding 10
Geometric volume of inner cylinder, dm3 100
Cylinder volume: diameter х depth, mm 600х360
Control type of technologic process Automatic (MSU-402)
Front panel, inner and outer cylinder   Stainless steel
Side panels and control panel Painted galvanized steel
G-factor Wash 0,7-0,9
Spin 350
Heating type electric steam
Nominal rating power, kW, not exceeding Electric motor of drive 2,2
Heating elements 10,5 No
Rotating speed, r.p.m Wash 46-52
Spin 1020
Dimensions (with packing), mm Length 810 (1050)
Depth 790 (1100)
Height 1310 (1580)
Weight, not exceeding, kg 270 (335)
Specific consumption
Electric power consumption per cycle, kWh/kg, not exceeding** 0,36 0,07
Water consumption per cycle, dm3/kg, not exceeding ** 18
Steam consumption per cycle, kg/kg, not exceeding ** No 0,9
Requirements to supply lines
Nominal inside diameter of inlets for cold and hot water, mm 15
Nominal inside diameter of inlet for steam, mm No 15
Outlet section of drain connection, mm 50
Pressure of cold and hot water, mPa 0,2-0,4
Steam pressure, mPa No 0,2-0,4
Voltage, V 380


** Consumption is mentioned for «Washing 600С colour type» programme (2 cycles of washing+3 cycles of rinsing)

* The plant reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to modify the marking and technical specifications of the equipment presented on this site.


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