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Washer L30-221/211

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These washers are designed for washing, rinsing and extraction of linen.

They are produced in seven modifications that depend on a type of heating, control type and presence of extraction process. It`s possible to manufacture a model with combined heating type (electric + steam) for machines with manual control. Besides washing, 200 series models have extraction. It allows to improve employment terms and reduce moisture in laundry. Draining of discharge liquid and outlet of steam and scum is realized outside of machine directly into a drain system and into an exhausting system correspondingly. Those machines are recommended for usage in laundries at factories, hotels, hostels, medical facilities (e.g. maternity hospitals, inpatient facilities, out-patient hospitals), kindergartens, senior centers, residential schools, health centers, resorts, restaurants, military bases, etc., public and self-service laundries as well.

Recommended items:

Item, unit measureL30-221      L30-211
Nominal capacity, kg, not exceeding 30
Geometric volume of inner cylinder, dm3 300
G-factor Wash 0,7-0,85
Spin No
Heating type electric steam
Nominal rating power, kW, not exceeding Electric motor of drive 1,4/1.5/2.12
Heating elements 30 No
Rotating speed, r.p.m Wash 40
Spin No
Control type of technologic process Manual
Dimensions (with packing), mm Length 1160 (1390)
Width 1130 (1330)
Height 1535 (1750)
Weight, not exceeding (with packing), kg 550 (643)
Specific consumption
Electric power consumption per cycle, kWh/kg, not exceeding** 0,5 0,06
Water consumption per cycle, dm3/kg, not exceeding ** 30
Steam consumption per cycle, kg/kg, not exceeding ** No 0,9
Requirements tosupply lines
Nominal inside diameter of inlets for cold and hot water, mm 25
Nominal inside diameter of inlet for steam, mm No 15
Outlet section of drain connection, mm 65
Pressure of cold and hot water, mPa 0,2-0,4
Steam pressure, mPa No 0,2-0,4
Voltage, V  380


* The plant reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to modify the marking and technical specifications of the equipment presented on this site.


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