Dry-cleaning machines


Dry-cleaning machine LVH-12

  • Description
  • Technical description
  • Technical support
  • 12 kg capacity 
  • Drying according to time and condensation sensor  
  • Computer troubleshooting
  • Large dimension of loading door
  • Maximum savings in energy, water, solvents and detergents consumption
  • Built-in detergent dispenser
  • Distiller device
  • Environmental filter
  • Russified computer
  • Maximum ease of control
  • Main machine parts are made of high quality stainless steel
  • 2 tanks for solvent


Dry-cleaning machines – are unique equipment, combining features of “dry” cleaning, extraction and drying. Perchlorethylene is used as the reagent, extracting oil and grease dirtiness from cotton, wool, feather, fur and textile products.     

Automatic control is provided by the controller with 30 control programmes. The equipment has a cooling system, automatic dozing and automatic cleaning of washing liquid. Closed working cycle ensures the purity of the air in the working area.  Products processed in machines LVH series retain the original size, form and color. Dry-cleaning machines work by means of the compressor (not included in delivery set).

Recommended items:

Item, unit measureLVH-12
Loading capacity, kg 12
Inner cylinder dimensions, mm 810х435
Rotation speed of cylinder, cleaning/ extraction, rpm 40/400
Quantity of tanks 2
Distillation unit volume, L 100
Cooling of distillator / solvent water
Cooling of vapours during drying refrigerating unit
Control type automatic
Quantity of control programmes 30
Time of working cycle, min 40
Heating type electric/steam
Power, kW motor of cylinder drive 0,55/1,8
filter motor 0,33
motor of pump 0,75
motor of ventilator 1,1
distillation unit 6
drying 9
compressor of refrigerating unit 2,2
Steam consumption (steam heating) kg/cycle 6,5
Water consumption, L/cycle 172
Air consumption, m³/min 0,01
Solvent consumption (regards to total load of cylinder) ≤ 3%
Electric power consumption (steam heating), kW*h/cycle 1,5
Electric power consumption (electric heating), kW*h/cycle 9,0
Dimensions (with packing), mm Length 1650 (1960)
Width 1160 (1500)
Height 2120 (1980)
Weight (with packing), kg 1680 (1980)
Voltage, V 380±5%
Material of production tanks stainless steel
external cylinder stainless steel
inner cylinder stainless steel
particles removal unit (catcher) stainless steel
distillation unit stainless steel
cooling unit and water separator stainless steel
air outlet ports stainless steel


* The plant reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to modify the marking and technical specifications of the equipment presented on this site. 

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