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Chest ironing machine VG-1430

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  • Smooth speed regulation  
  • Roll is covered by Springpress
  • Improve quality of ironing


Chest ironing machines LG (VG) type with electric heating and one-sided operation are designed for ironing of flat linen, made of polyester, wool, silk, cotton and flax, with no greater than 25% initial residual humidity.

Chest ironer is recommended to use in public and self-service laundries, which are connected to manufacturing network.

Electronic control system of chest ironers provides smooth speed regulation up to 5 m/min and temperature regulation from 100 to 200 ºС. Springpress covering (Belgian production) is used in LG-14, 16, VG-1630, 2030, due to that early shrinkage is excluded, downforce of roll is increased and as a result quality of ironing is improved.     

Recommended items:

New model line

Каток гладильный ВГ-1018

  • Compact dimensions
  • Large ironing surface
  • Advanced system of pressing and roll covering with metal wool (VG-1018, -1218) or SPRINGPRESS covering material (Belgian production) provides high ironing quality 

Computer control

компьютерное управление стиральной машиной

  • Automatic control by controller
  • Step-by-step speed regulation
  • Smooth temperature regulation
  • Automatic servo pressing (only in VG-1630, 2030)

New chromium chest

  • Chromium covering
  • Hard nondeflecting surface 
  • Equal heat sharing on all surface
  • High ironing quality


Reliable and proved construction

насосная станция

  • Built-in exhaust fan (only for VG-1630, 2030)
  • Automatic pressing of heating chest to roller (only for VG-1630, 2030)
Item, unit measure VG-1430
Width of ironing area, mm 1400
Working capacity, kg/h 35*
Diameter of roll, mm 300
Heating type Electric
Ironing temperature, ⁰C 100-200
Ironing speed, m/min 2-5
Nominal rating power, kW Electric motor of drive 0,73
Electric motor of drive of roller 0,37
Electric motor of pressing device 0,18
Electric motor of fan device 0,18
Heating elements 9,9
Dimensions (with packing), mm Length 740 (800)
Width 1925 (2280)
Height 1085 (1300)
Weight, not exceeding, (with packing), kg 310 (375)
Electric power consumption, kWh/kg 0,32
Voltage, V 380
Average operating life, years 10,3
Availability of fume exhaust fan Yes


* Approximate value for cotton linen with residual humidity no greater than 25% while maximum usage of ironing width.

** The plant reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to modify the marking and technical specifications of the equipment presented on this site.

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