“VEGA” Dryers


Dryer VS-20

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  • Overview
  • Technical description
  • Technical support
  • Compact dimensions
  • Reverse cylinder rotation
  • Engine overload warning
  • Filter clogging warning
  • Air cleaning filter
  • Сool air blow mode («CoolDown»)
  • Built-in high-flow fan and fabric nap catcher
  • Residual humidity control 


“VEGA” line is a new generation of industrial dryers made of quality materials and components by means of modern technologic equipment. Dryers are designed for drying of linen with automatic control (10 programmes), filter clogging warning and cool air blow mode. “VEGA” series dryers have compact dimensions and are equipped with engine with reverse mode. Those machines are recommended for usage in laundries at factories, hotels, hostels, medical facilities (e.g. maternity hospitals, inpatient facilities, out-patient hospitals), kindergartens, senior centers, residential schools, health centers, resorts, restaurants, military bases, etc., and public laundries as well, that are connected to manufacturing network.

Recommended items:

New model line

  • Compact dimensions
  • Built-in fan
  • Frequency-controlled drive (smooth rotation)
  • Cylinder reverse rotation
  • Engine overloading protection
  • Easy-to-use air cleaning filter
  • Cool air blow mode («CoolDown»)
  • Drying with residual humidity control

Computer control

компьютерное управление стиральной машиной

  • Easy and friendly control  
  • Drying temperature regulation from 1 to 99 degrees
  • Free programming of drying cycle from 1 to 99 minutes
  • 10 programmes that can be reset by user 
  • Residual humidity level programming 

Reliable and proven design

насосная станция

  • Cylinder is mounted in cantilevered way
  • Absence of supporting rollers
  • Long operational life
  • Low noise level
  • Radial blowdown provides for good contact linen and air
  • Maximum air flow at low electric power consumption

Fabric nap catcher

Частотно-управляемый привод

  • Easy maintenance service
  • Easy dismounting and mounting
  • Large filter area
  • Filter clogging warning
  • Solid protection of heaters
Item, unit measureVS-20
Nominal capacity, kg, not exceeding 20
Geometric volume of inner cylinder, L 500
Working capacity, kg/h 40
Residual humidity after hydro-extraction, %, not exceeding 10
Heating type electric
Nominal rating power, kW Electric motor of drive 0,75
Electric motor of fan 0,37
Heating elements 24
Control type of technologic process Automatic (10 programmes)
Dimensions (with packing), mm Length 1100 (1280)
Width 950 (1170)
Height 1735 (1960)
Weight, not exceeding, (with packing), kg 305 (393)
Specific consumption
Air consumption, m3/h, not exceeding 540
Electric power consumption, kWh/kg, not exceeding 0,6
Steam consumption, kg/kg, not exceeding -
Requirements to supply lines
Diameter of exhaust connection pipe, mm 150
Nominal width of steam inlet and outlet, mm 0,65
Voltage, V  380

* The plant reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to modify the marking and technical specifications of the equipment presented on this site.


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