Centrifugal hydro-extractors for linen


Centrifugal hydro-extractor LC-10

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  • Automated control;
  • High hydro-extraction of linen;
  • High safety level. 


Our company produces LC and KP centrifugal hydro-extractors for final hydro-extraction of linen for laundries. These centrifugal hydro-extractors are characterized by simple but solid construction, easy usage and high safety regards to operational personnel. Construction of LC-25 and KP-223 hydro-extractors is based on drive with frequency inverter. It allows to smoothly accelerate and slow down the rotation of inner cylinder of machine, decrease electric power consumption as well.

Blocking devices are provided in order to ensure safety operation.  

“Luxe” version models are produced in stainless steel body

Recommended items:

Item, unit measureLC-10
Nominal capacity, kg, not exceeding 10
Working capacity, kg/h 60
Geometric volume of inner cylinder, l 50
G-factor 540
Control type of technologic process Automatic
Cycle time, min 10
 Residual humidity after hydro-extraction, % 50
 Rotation speed, rpm 1430
 Nominal rating power, kW 1,1
Dimensions (with packing), mm Length 620 (800)
Width 760 (940)
Height 950 (1170)
Weight, not exceeding, (with packing), kg 120 (160)
Electric power consumption per cycle, kWh/dm3, not exceeding 0,01
Voltage, V 380


* The plant reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to modify the marking and technical specifications of the equipment presented on this site.


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